Condaleezza Rice

Condaleezza Rice is an excellent story teller

David Rubinstein interviewing her

Carla Hayden, the Librarian of congress, introducing her

Dr. Rice has a fantastic story about growing up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama

Became full professor at 30 at Stanford

Rubinstein is a very gentle interviewer

( Hayden said he was the best interviewer she ever knew )

David Baldacci

Man, what a story teller. Lives near D.C. In Virginia.

Wonderful anecdotes and accolades !

The audience was so supportive and warm and he felt it

I must confess, this is the first time, seeing him and have never read any of his books.

So a die hard fan, the retired Mr. dale suggested ‘the fix’

Now a few questions the audience asked. He elaborated well in each of his answers

Q) hardest book to write

A) the camel club series – because of the ensemble of cast

Q) Outlines and ending

A) he never knows the ending of his novel and very short generic mini outlines.

Theobroma cacao

In Greek Theo- Broma – god food

In Aztec and Mayan cultures cacao beans were used as currency

An average American consumes 10 pounds of it!! ( about 4.5 kilograms )

Cacao flowers are pollinated by flies called midges in the wild.

In the US botanic gardens, the flowers are hand pollinated by rubbing flowers from one cacao tree on those of another tree !

The tree is big! Therefore it is called a chocolate tree – not a Plant !