Wonderful travel laptop

The main consideration for travel laptop is weight, storage, and batter life.

this is what Gregory Morrison wrote at Forbes website here.

I spent months trying to figure out the best travel laptop. I’ve been traveling a lot recently, which for someone who usually travels a lot, that’s saying something. I also need to work from the road, and as such, I need something that isn’t annoying to bring along. I needed the perfect travel laptop (not just a normal laptop that I bring with me), and I think I found it.

the Cost : I just check at Walmart : 350 USD!!

The first is it needs to be small. I’m obsessed with weight when it comes to what I bring with me on a trip. A “regular” sized laptop is way too big and heavy. The T100 is only 2.4 lbs, which is among the lightest laptops you can get.

it needs to be cheap. A Macbook Air is small and light, but at 2.5x more expensive, I’m not sure I’d want to bring it with me. I’m not careless with the T100, but if something happened to it, I’d be annoyed and inconvenienced, but not mortified.

Walmart has this : Share and connect anywhere you go with unlimited ASUS Webstorage space for 1 year!!

Comes with Windows 8.1 and at Walmart : Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student!!! Intel ® quad-core processor lets you do more while on-the-go

Info on battery life test is here

You may not even need the power cord when you take this hybrid on a day trip. The ASUS Transformer Book T100 lasted an impressive 12 hours and 28 minutes on the LAPTOP Battery Test, which involves continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi at 40 percent brightness. That time is an hour and a half longer than ASUS’ own 11-hour claim and more than four hours better than the 8-hour tablet category average. Even the long-lasting Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 (9:40) and Acer Iconia W3-810 (8:54) could not keep up. Only the 1.8-lb. Dell Latitude 10 with extended battery (17:40) clearly beat the T100 while the fourth-generation iPad (12:22) was about on par with it.

Happy Traveling.


Gear/Equipment while travelling

I have been doing some research on traveling gear necessary for keeping in touch during trips, in particular, cameras, cell phone, and laptops.

Let’s start off

1) Camera

Let me start off with saying i am a big fan of Digital SLR cameras. I know many people who are traveling would say that they are bulky, takes up space, and cumbersome to navigate through the 100s of options. I agree mostly, but for the quality of getting good solid professional pictures that is worth the effort and space.

But, given the choices we have it is often excruciatingly painful to make a decision. It is not that we do not have knowledge on what features and tools that should be present in a camera, far from it we are stymied by AP, because of something called Paradox of Choice.
Nevertheless, we still have to make a decision. So what are the factors that I look for –  a good range of ISO numbers, a good fast lens (the lower the F number) – this will ensure that those portraits of people from exotic places are sharp and beautiful with good depth of field, and a good zoom (for those distant shots of places you would not be able to walk to). Lenses are very imp: a good lens makes or breaks a picture, for example Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G is one of the best and cheapest lenses produced by Nikon, and it weighs a mere 7 Oz ( 200 gms)

2) Cell phone

Again, too many choices, but i can say one thing. If you want to travel internationally and swap SD cards (from US cellphone carrier to local carrier) first talk to your service provider in the USA to unlock your phone, and next get a quad band GSM phone. It will save you a lot of money

3) Lap tops

Main consideration is that it should be portable (should be less than 5 Lbs) , have good screen resolution (screen size not greater than 13-14 inches), and have a lots of storage capability (250 GB +), SD card (very imp for quick transfer of photos or you can get an Eye-fi card – Wi-Fi SD card ) and WiFi capability (other that western Europe, and developed Asian countries most have sporadic WiFi)

You might have noticed i did not specifically recommend anything – I leave that to your own judgement.

Happy traveling