North Pacific Ocean Flores sea

This is about 1000 miles east of Jakarta .. no cell no WiFi .. just sea and flying fish .. and forest islands.. just plain blue ocean and islands

Abdula raja captain

Had a massive compass in the middle of the console

Eman – chief officer

Wakatobi (Southeast Sulawesi ) island diving – beautiful , Peter and eman mentioned .. and sagori island .. beautiful diving

Sunset was sublime …

Ridno Mangalla’ (with glasses ) who talked in English and explained me about things in these parts .. thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Muslim wedding Indonesia

2 Muslim weddings before Ramadan

very elaborate decorations

The food is delicious and The dessert is refreshing.. itโ€™s coconut milk Tapioca pearl (sago) .. slightly sweet and very refreshing on a humid day like this

The decorations

This is wedding dance

The corpse flower

I live near the world famous US botanical Garden (never mind they have ‘botanic’ in their name, my quibble)

I was listening to WETA classical radio yesterday evening and the elegant Nicole Lacroix had mentioned about this most fascinating ( well I felt that way after looking at it today ) flower

It is about to bloom – it smells like a corpse and

it is yuge! The wonderful Ricardo from Columbia who has been volunteering for our great institution is explains it

It is all they way from Indonesia !!

And the only time a public institution there are three flowers on display for the first time in history of USA !