Shanghai street food

Love the pancake .. yummy 😋 ( I don’t want to mention the price so as not to insult the enormous elegance , and dignity of the chef and gargantuan taste.. I had fits of spasmodic delight ! )



Video at

Small world indeed !

Small world indeed !

I had met Peggy in Serbia đŸ‡·đŸ‡ž and she recognized me in shanghai! and took me to a

Wonderful restaurant ordered the meal in Chinese and we had wonderful conversations!

Praise God for his kind providences on a cold and damp day!

The jasmine tea was heavenly the sweet aromatic smell was delicate.

Pan fried dumplings with pork

Rice sheets with soy and pork

Chinese broccoli

Sesame fried balls

Chicken feet

2 types of pork ribs

Near Zenning road and Jing’an temple

Not that eggs !!

Before leaving Dr. Terry and his lovely wife Dr. Ye Xiao warned me : there is freaking no bad food đŸ„˜ there ..

What about Pad Thai, and quail eggs with mushrooms for breakfast !

It magnanimates (transitive : inspiring courage) me towards boldness!

This is a mere buffet at dazhong airport hotel PVG (Shanghai / Pudong International airport. The hotel is in the same complex as the airport. You can take the baggage trolley into the hotel 5 minutes after getting off customs !!

I did not know what else to get but The final photo is a smorgasbord of cold appetizers and oh delightful dessert ( not overtly sweet as in USA, but mellow)

Theobroma cacao

In Greek Theo- Broma – god food

In Aztec and Mayan cultures cacao beans were used as currency

An average American consumes 10 pounds of it!! ( about 4.5 kilograms )

Cacao flowers are pollinated by flies called midges in the wild.

In the US botanic gardens, the flowers are hand pollinated by rubbing flowers from one cacao tree on those of another tree !

The tree is big! Therefore it is called a chocolate tree – not a Plant !

Goan Eatings

Goan (Goa, and it’s vicinities, India) cuisine is a melange of Konkan, Portuguese and Arabic influences. While Goa’s two major communities—Hindus and Catholics—both make liberal use of spices and seafood, Catholics use coconut vinegar, beef and pork—ingredients introduced by the Portuguese. The colonisers also introduced bread-making techniques and foodstuffs brought from other international colonies such as chilli, cashew nut, guava, pineapple, tomato and potato. Their dishes were given local twists: the spicy vinegar-infused vindaloo is a Goan version of a Portuguese meat stew cooked with garlic and wine (vinho e alhos). Here are five ways to discover how locals use spices and fresh produce to create mouth-watering dishes.

Take a spice plantation tour
Several spice plantations clustered around Ponda in south Goa offer an introductory tour, followed by a traditional lunch. This is an interesting way to learn about the organic cultivation of spices such as pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg; trees such as cashew and areca nut; and fruits such as jackfruit, custard apple, mango and pineapple.

Goa has several excellent restaurants which represent the culinary diversity of the state. Among the best is Panaji’s Mum’s Kitchen, which offers a mix of familiar dishes like xacuti (a curry with coconut, spices and poppy seeds), balchao (a fiery tomato-chilli curry) and cafreal (fried chicken marinated with spices).

Cook like a Goan
If your passion for food goes beyond eating, enrol yourself at the Siolim Cooking School to discover local culinary secrets. The classes are conducted at Siolim House, a heritage hotel in Bardez. Participants are taken to a market, introduced to local spices and ingredients, and given insights into the cultural and religious importance of food. They are also taught well-known Goan dishes such as chicken cafreal, pork sorpotel (a spicy curry of vinegar and chillies), xacuti and fish curry. Siolim House also runs cooking holidays for hotel guests.

Happy eating and traveling
Source of this article is Happy Trips here.

Where do the foodies shop or eat in Washington, DC?

Washington DC is a superb place for a wide ranging palette of taste buds.
This afternoon my lunch would be the Caribbean Ox-Tail with collard greens and Rice. Hm-mm.

Now if you like cheese – where do you go for a Ten Year Cheddar cheese. The finest and extensive collection of cheeses is Cheesetique. – Knowledgeable staff, sign for each cheese offering history, tasting notes, and serving suggestions.

What about excellent ready-to-sautĂ© crabcakes? – What about Black Salt Fish Market ? A complete freshly cooked seafood meal? – We have The Fishery, in Chevy Chase!

What about excellent prepared food? Want a Bell & Evans birds? Around 150 of them are sold at Dawson’s Market often sells during its weekly Tuesday special (an all-natural bird for $5.99).

What about locally made pastas and sauces  for quick meals, sandwiches stuffed with house-smoked meats, thin-crust pizzas, and roast-chicken dinners, all created by former 1789 pastry chef Travis Olson? Try the 10,000-square-foot emporium near Dupont Circle, DC. – Glen’s Garden Market.

Happy eating!

PS: Source of today’s Post is the Washingtonian Magazine. You can find many other foodie’s haven here.