Lujiazui shanghai China

Look at the last two pics taken from the same point ..

the scale is staggering and massive and majestic!

Shanghai, ah, Shanghai

The first photo is Niu Rho Mian – beef meat noodles- flavorful broth and tender meat ( near Zenning road, at Jiangsu road station ) – met Hal, who had lived here in Shanghai for number of years – gave me the location The independent maxim – crowed place, go and eat!

The second photo is the inside of Line 2 metro ( connecting the airport to midtown and east Xinging. Long cars (similar to what I have noticed when I got on the metro in London at near shepherd’s Bush/ Piccadilly) : Washington DC does not have long cars like these.

The third photo is Pudong/ Shanghai PVG airport

Very smooth and neat metro 🚇 .

People are not rushing, kind, keeping to themselves and on their mobiles !

Metro – long cars .. 3 day pass 45 Yuan around 7 dollars ( agent about 45 mind in metro – underground .. still LTE and strong cell signal – almost instantaneous chat IM to Mark in Washington DC – 11,000 km in millisecond… approaching the speed of light !

Some folk are with nose and mouth masks but the are in a very small minority, almost beguilingly negligible ( well, beguiling because of the ‘news’ I heard in USA about how polluted Shanghai is ) .. people look fairly health , clean skin ,

All are in wide variety of jackets, light parkas,

Majority of folk are young and smart looking

Temp is cold around 7 degrees centigrade around 45 degrees Fahrenheit ( Friday, January 19th around 11:00 am Shanghai time )

Yuyuan road, Zenning road, Jiangsu road area neat with no trash, little mom and pop stores and easygoing vehicular traffic. And surprising of all no honks ! ( I heard maybe one or two in a few hours I spent here)

Near universal thing observed on the metro : It’s the same everywhere I suppose – giggling young girls showing photos to each other ! In Shanghai, Hyderabad or Washington DC

Happy journeys to you all my friends