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My friend Hao introduced me to a group of Korean and Chinese folk. One person said – ‘Paul you have become Chinese because you feed your phone before you feed yourself..!!’

The second photo with both hands making symbols is the symbol for love !

Many people have pet names – The girl in the glasses is called Meow 🐱 Meow 🐱!

The food is Cantonese ..

Food from #canton #cantonese


Shanghai street food

Love the pancake .. yummy 😋 ( I don’t want to mention the price so as not to insult the enormous elegance , and dignity of the chef and gargantuan taste.. I had fits of spasmodic delight ! )



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Hurricanes and Physics


Why do hurricanes or typhoons move counter clock wise in the Northern Hemisphere, and Clockwise direction in the southern hemisphere?

the above is the current state of the two hurricanes as of 1:20 pm EST.

When i was young i never ever understood pseudo forces. It did not make sense to me at all! why would they make up ‘fictitious forces’!

Well, now I know why !! Because the rotation of the earth!

earth rotates from west to east (the sun first rises in the east!, right?) so if you imagine looking down from the north pole: We see it first rises in New Delhi and then in Washington DC. DC has to “catch up” it has to go to New Delhi. So west to east!

Because of this rotation – any wind rising up near the equator (the air is warmer and it is lighter- so it rises up) is “pulled” in the direction of rotation . that is makes like pulled pork! Pulled wind is like pulled pork. Tasty and dangerous!

pulled wind

If Earth did not rotate as it does, we would have high-speed winds of almost 480 km/h (about 300 mph) gusting from the poles to the Equator and back!!

this force is called the Coriolis Force


Rio and the ghost of Maracanã Blow

oh so beautiful rio and the gondalas

I love Rio. It was magnificent city. The beach and the sugar loaf mountain and the gondolas over them are picture perfect.

But this is funny: In 1950, the World Cup Soccer was held in Brazil. Europe was in ruins after the world war. But it was darn faraway! Only 13 to 16 qualifying teams said they would travel that far!! Turkey, flat out refused because of way prohibitive costs to travel!

India’s reason for refusal was even more funnier – FIFA (the governing body of international soccer) had banned barefoot play in 1948!! (but the official reason : costs to travel all the way to Brazil!!)

The “Kings of Football” (as they were called then), England lost 1-0 in their group-stage match to the USA!!

At the US soccer  association archives – Walter Bahr – called the greatest american soccer player recalls – ”

“The odd part is, when that tournament was being played there wasn’t more than a very, very small percentage of people in the States that knew what the World Cup was all about,” Bahr said. “I didn’t know that much about it either other than I knew some players that played in the 1930 and the 1934 World Cups.”

Bahr said at the time of the 1950 match, playing was a part-time gig where they had to supplement their incomes with other jobs. He recollects making $50 a week as a Philadelphia high school teacher and $25 per week for a match. Other teammates worked as mail carriers and dishwashers to earn money.

The news was so unexpected, and according to a legend, a London editor who received a cable of the score reported a 10-1 English victory, after assuming England’s score had been transmitted incorrectly

at history website we have this

On July 16, 1950, more than 200,000 people packed into Maracanã stadium to watch the final. The match began promisingly enough for the home crowd, with Brazil attacking the Uruguayan goal with vigor. But the game’s momentum soon shifted—not due to a goal, but because of a fist. Though later downplayed by both parties as merely a “tap,” Uruguayan captain Obdulio Valera appeared to punch Brazilian defender Bigode in the game’s 28th minute, landing what seemed to be the first psychological blow of the match.

Despite the earlier dustup Brazil scored first, when Brazilian striker Friaça fired one past Uruguayan goalkeeper, Roque Máspoli. Uruguay equalized in the 66th minute, when Juan Schiaffino fired past Brazilian goalkeeper. Just 13 minutes later, Uruguay would take the lead on a goal by Alcides Ghiggia, draining the energy completely from the massive crowd. Gigghia said many years later: “Only three people have, with just one motion, silenced the Maracanã: Frank Sinatra, Pope John Paull II and me.”

After the goal, Uruguay fell back to defend, and waited out the last 10 minutes for a 2-1 victory and for their second World Cup championship. The game has since become known in both countries as the Maracanazo, roughly translated as the “Maracanã blow” and, though the victorious team is revered in Uruguay, the game (considered by many to be one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history) remains a crushing blow for Brazilians.

French connection

I love the french.

there are so cool- they are passionate (a very famous author replied to a french Buddhist monk’s (Matthieu Ricard) quest for peace in one of the ted talks , who wants peace, We French live for passion

: )


Here is Yogo’s story. On a tour of the world since April 2012, this 27-year-old Frenchman has something endearingly unique about himself

The times are such that you would rather turn to the lady on Google Maps to guide you around the street than rely on a friendly stranger for directions. Well that’s why you could be forgiven for not believing that Nathanoël Leprette exists: he doesn’t carry a mobile.

For the 27-year-old Frenchman, who named himself “Yogo” for easy recall, nurturing contact with the unknown is more important than carrying around the safety of the known. This is why he prefers a lift wherever he can, and this is also what has kept him globetrotting for over two years.

“I have been travelling the world, to meet people, and to have social bonds. Carrying a phone would make me dependent on existing friends. Without a phone, I would be forced to talk to people, take their help and strike a friendship,” Yogo says.

A world tour had always been his dream, even if it meant having to earn from the time he was 16, and avoiding the indulgences of the average teenager.

He set sail from France to Turkey in April, 2012, and has been wandering since. Avoiding Europe, which he had already toured, Yogo has visited over 15 countries so far, including Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh, apart from India.

“I find Hyderabad richer, and more westernized. Unlike Assam, and Bengal, it has women driving cars,” he notes.

Interestingly, his average expenditure is just Rs.500 a day, which includes travel, stay, food and visa. He avoids air travel as he wants to experience distances and time.

He has hitchhiked for 26,000 km, driven 12,000 km on motorbikes, and clocked even more on buses, trains and boats. Most often, those offering him a lift become his hosts, though he finds local hosts in each city through online travel communities.

“The media always dishes out stories of a bad world, but it is much safer. If asked humbly, people are often ready to help,” Yogo says.

“I traveled through two stretches of no man’s land between China and Kazakhstan. Chinese border security stopped me, but I persisted. Thoroughly fed up, they literally pushed me inside,” he recalls, with a laugh.

Being an inveterate foodie, he has tasted all varieties of delights, including insects and dog meat. Though his savings can last him only three years, he still has a lot of world to see, and plans to extend his tour.

Happy Globe Trotting

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