Dmz zone North Korea border

I had a rare view today – I saw 6 North Korean personnel through the telescope (the tour guide was very surprised 😮.. she spotted one civilian in the many years she said ) ..

they have been bloody skimmerishes ,, guerrilla attacks over the years .. KLA flight was bombed just before the 1980s Olympics in Seoul and till

Went into tunnel 3 (no photography allowed) .. many infiltration tunnels by north to have a sneak attack on south .. last picture gives more information about the tunnels

250 Meters approach by a platform down a steep gradient to get to the entrance of tunnel 3 – solid granite blasted with dynamites to construct with a sloop of 1/300 .. slopes up towards South Korea to avoid water form the springs flowing into South Korea and hence be detected (the water flows back into North Korea )

Lama temple Beijing

It’s one of the two places not destroyed in cultural revolution because Zhouen Lai ‘s (right hand man to Moa) mother was a Buddhist ..

it’s 18 meter high Buddha made of white sandlewood !

The mandala (overview picture of the temple ) is made up of colored sand ! Not painted not woven But different colored sand is put in place meticulously

Great Wall of China

This was simply sublime .. thousands of years old and still .. notice the angle (me standing and camera lining up parallel to wall and then to my feet .. indicates the inclination ) .. one video has Japanese bullet holes …during the invasion ..

The fish and herbs from around .. had a sulphuric kind of taste ..