Yum tofu in Shanghai !

This is the most delicious

Tofu soup i have ever had .. right in front of metro station and with lines ..

La is spice in Chinese .. I wonder how did the fellow buyer know that I need spice ?? 😃..

then there was cilantro cooked onions nuts and some dark red concoction poured over it

Hot temperature wise ( it is freezing in Shanghai ) and most delicious

All for less than a dollar !

Here is that video


Not that eggs !!

Before leaving Dr. Terry and his lovely wife Dr. Ye Xiao warned me : there is freaking no bad food 🥘 there ..

What about Pad Thai, and quail eggs with mushrooms for breakfast !

It magnanimates (transitive : inspiring courage) me towards boldness!

This is a mere buffet at dazhong airport hotel PVG (Shanghai / Pudong International airport. The hotel is in the same complex as the airport. You can take the baggage trolley into the hotel 5 minutes after getting off customs !!

I did not know what else to get but The final photo is a smorgasbord of cold appetizers and oh delightful dessert ( not overtly sweet as in USA, but mellow)

Shanghai, ah, Shanghai

The first photo is Niu Rho Mian – beef meat noodles- flavorful broth and tender meat ( near Zenning road, at Jiangsu road station ) – met Hal, who had lived here in Shanghai for number of years – gave me the location The independent maxim – crowed place, go and eat!

The second photo is the inside of Line 2 metro ( connecting the airport to midtown and east Xinging. Long cars (similar to what I have noticed when I got on the metro in London at near shepherd’s Bush/ Piccadilly) : Washington DC does not have long cars like these.

The third photo is Pudong/ Shanghai PVG airport

Very smooth and neat metro 🚇 .

People are not rushing, kind, keeping to themselves and on their mobiles !

Metro – long cars .. 3 day pass 45 Yuan around 7 dollars ( agent about 45 mind in metro – underground .. still LTE and strong cell signal – almost instantaneous chat IM to Mark in Washington DC – 11,000 km in millisecond… approaching the speed of light !

Some folk are with nose and mouth masks but the are in a very small minority, almost beguilingly negligible ( well, beguiling because of the ‘news’ I heard in USA about how polluted Shanghai is ) .. people look fairly health , clean skin ,

All are in wide variety of jackets, light parkas,

Majority of folk are young and smart looking

Temp is cold around 7 degrees centigrade around 45 degrees Fahrenheit ( Friday, January 19th around 11:00 am Shanghai time )

Yuyuan road, Zenning road, Jiangsu road area neat with no trash, little mom and pop stores and easygoing vehicular traffic. And surprising of all no honks ! ( I heard maybe one or two in a few hours I spent here)

Near universal thing observed on the metro : It’s the same everywhere I suppose – giggling young girls showing photos to each other ! In Shanghai, Hyderabad or Washington DC

Happy journeys to you all my friends

dining in Kerala (just FYI: Total cost for 2 – around 4 dollars each!)

Kerala is a state in south India. Like Yorkshire in England, it is referred to as “God’s own country”. Obviously the phrase means, the big man above has a private garden of his own and he assiduously is gracious in welcoming you to come and stay!

But i would first venture out to say that food makes God’s own country so satiating an experience. The hindu  has this delightful article. Total cost for 2 – around 4 dollars each!

Hot black tea arrives on cue, as soon as we take our places. The tea is free and unlimited. The menu, a polished wooden board, presents a variety of naadannon-vegetarian options with an entire side dedicated to seafood delicacies. The gastronomic adventure kicks off with fluffy appams and fiery Kottayam neimeen (king fish) curry. Appam soaked in super-spicy chilli gravy is a delight to have with well-cooked cubes of fish. It is the same story with puttu and Kainakari duck. The thick, peppery curry has duck pieces that melts with a bite and is perfect with the soft puttu.

Meanwhile, the centrepiece of the feast arrives. Marinated in an assortment of spices, wrapped and cooked in banana leaf, the classic avoli pollichathu arrives in a steamy bundle dressed with tomato and onion slices. The fish, big enough for two, is fried and flavoured to perfection. After devouring it within no time and still not having enough of it, we go for a final round with prawn roast and appam. Fat prawns cooked in masala gravy arrive within a few minutes in an earthen platter. Chunky prawn doused in the caramelised gravy sets off an explosion of flavours when had with the appam. We wash it all down with another glass of black tea and call it a day.

Apart from the usual assortment of breads, Pankayam also serves special puttu variants with chicken, beef and mutton. For those looking for flavoured rice, there is the Pankayam pulao. Chicken and quail fries too are on the list.

Although most of the fish delicacies are available all through the day, traditional sadya is the only main course option at lunch with a never-ending supply of pappadam and lime juice.