At the barbershop in Hyderabad

The service here in Asia, be it Thailand or Indonesia or say here in Hyderabad is fantastic.

Say for example, at the hairdressers here in Hyderabad, The prep for haircut, the skill with which he uses the comb and scissors for haircut (no machines), then the use of single straight razor, applying cream and then slowly deliberately using shaving brush to produce immense amount of lather (I cant wrap my head around that … how come I can’t get that at home.. so much lather) , not hurriedly… no rush and then using straight razor to go and find even the smallest follicle and uproot it .. his hands trying to feel if he missed anything .. he finds one a small hair follicle.. removes it using the straight razor in 1 sq millimeter .. no more .. then again applying lather and again .. then another round of slowly working his straight razor … meticulously going .. then special balm to sooth the skin .. the forehead and cheeks and slowing massaging … then wiping out excess moisture .. and then aftershave .. really what a good wonderful experience at the barbers .. and did I say about 2 dollars and 35 mins later I come out rejuvenated …

Come Travel with me !

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