Jeff Flake – Mormon Missionary, Senator, and Critic

jeff flake

Jeff Flake is a US senator form Arizona. He has been a Mormon missionary.

Utah voted for trump. Vote Among Strong Republican Very Active Mormons is an overwhelming 70 % for Trump to 26 % for Hillary!

Now Jeff flake is risking a lot in his upcoming elections.

He is also the Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Namibia and Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute.

Only one senator facing re-election next year, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, has an approval rating lower than his disapproval rating — a somewhat surprising result considering Democratic incumbents are playing defense in a swath of states President Donald Trump won in 2016.

He said at CNN

Who could blame the people who felt abandoned and ignored by the major parties for reaching in despair for a candidate who offered oversimplified answers to infinitely complex questions and managed to entertain them in the process?”

The point is moot, but CNN has it #1

So why criticize, in a week position?


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