Why India is a nation of foodies

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ohhh this is good. I believe that one of the greatest unifiers of man and women kind (after the bread of life) is food across borders, skipping over bombastic, trivial disputations between nations. the next is personal immersion, with open hearts, embracing spirit, and willing minds people of different cultures.

The BBC has this article today (Ritu Agarwal, India Today). This is a  series and it should be one. Because India is too diverse and too non-homogenous to be categorized as ‘Chicken Tikka masala’ (which is BTW, the national, unofficial dish of England 🙂 )

Hyderabad, with its wondrous complexity is the richest cosmopolitan city bar none in India.  You might call me biased, since I love it and have grown up it in. But it is the most hospitable (every language (exaggeration) of India is represented), there are “bastis” (localities) that have the communities from specific parts of India with its own cuisines (you can say that the entire city, with different areas, have cuisines of  India) savories and rasgulla (syrupy dessert, made of cottage cheese, semolina dough and sugar) from Bengal, Indo-Chinese chicken manchria !! (my friend, who came to USA for the first time, placed that order in DC and the look on the waiter’s face was priceless, according to my friend), gujarati thalis, kerala uttapams, Andhra meals, rajastani dal-churma, Mumbai’s pani-puri, rayalseema’s natu kodi pulusu (ohhh spicy country chicken), madras samabar, Kerala’s fish mapas (fish with coconut milk), mutton rogan josh from Kashmir, mugahlia paratha and chicken shorba ..I can’t write anymore without fainting with imaginations. I’ll end with my all time personal favorite – Idly with dal-chutney – heavenly!

Now lets get back to the article

“So the baniya (trader) community (to which I belong) in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh cooks very differently to the baniyas of Rajasthan.

For years India has struggled to translate this finicky food fastidiousness to restaurants.”

Similarly, my new friends considered all north Indian food to be “Punjabi” (the state of Punjab having given the universally popular Dal-Naan-Chicken Tikka Masala to the world) and were equally baffled with my cooking.


Happy eating and adventures on your own personal chronicles!

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