America the Beautiful – Hidden Gems

I love the great US of A. I grew up with Mrs Persis’ teaching in social studies from National Geographic. And I fell in love. It is truly gifted with natural beauty beyond measure, and I have extensively traveled (I have heard it from many native born – Oh you have seen more than i would ever see 🙂 ). That is a compliment.

SMOKEY MOUTThe Great smoky mountains.

One of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, this tranquil national park, which stretches across the Tennessee-North Carolina border, has a rich biodiversity that’s rivalled by few other places on the planet.

TURKEY!Wild turkey anyone?

Idyllic beach towns — without the crowds
Hidden away from the hordes of summer travellers, these five little beach towns offer prime surf spots, scenic views and Victorian charm.

Kentucky: An adventure haven
This state has one of the most adrenaline-packed environments in the country, featuring both a rock climbing mecca and the world’s longest known cave system.

SMOKEY MOUTHappy traveling!

PS: The source of this article is BBC Travel here.

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