Ugly cities??

I don’t really call any city Ugly. Every city has it charms, quarks and dark underbelly.

But i do, reluctantly, agree with the assessment of TripAdvisor’s survey for at-least Mumbai (Bombay). I went there once on a family trip to meet relatives when I was around 6th Grade or so. And yes i did go there after High School too. Both of the times I vowed never to go back.

It has the worst pedestrian safety and friendliness towards outsiders. The Chowpatty Beach is extremely dirty and I got swindled there. The traffic is horendous. The food expensive. The metro breathtaking (Yes, It literally takes the breath out of you as hundred people with their faces 1 inch away from your are pressing on you worst than Jack the ripper.) It does not matter if your are straight or not, you get groped by kids, adults, old people with 2 teeth.

Washington Post has this : “This Indian city was rated worst in the cleanliness of its streets, ease of getting around and overall experience. It also ranked low for attractions and family-friendliness.

What do the readers think of other cities?

Happy traveling!

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