Nikon Coolpix S9700

Yesterday, at Costco, I saw a great camera. It has a built-in WiFi, and a GPS! and If you want a compact camera that shoots stunning Full HD! with built in zoom lens.

One of the considerations when backpacking or traveling light is the weight you are carrying.The approx. Weight of this camera is …drum roll please 8.2 oz.(232 g) including battery and SD memory card and the built in lenses!!  The D7100 which I like a lot is 3 times the weight of S9700 and that too without the telephoto lenses, and 3.5 times the cost of S9700 on amazon.

Now, S9700 is a very powerful, nifty, portable, compact camera. You don’t have to take the load or packing spaces required with other cameras and their costly lenses.

S9700 has 30x optical zoom NIKKOR lens (supports 60x zoom when Dynamic Fine Zoom is enabled) despite its slim body with a depth of approximately 34.5 mm. It offers four exposure modes—[P] programmed auto, [A] aperture-priority auto, [S] shutter-priority auto, [M] manual—that allow users to attempt new forms of expression by reflecting their own intent according to the subject or impression they wish to convey with shooting.

Nikon has this :  Its outstanding 30x optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens packs more reach than many bulky super telephoto lenses, yet it retracts safely into an ultra-slim camera when not in use. Lens-shift Vibration Reduction helps combat the blurring effect of camera shake—crucial when shooting at far distances—and Nikon’s free mobile app lets you use a compatible smartphone or tablet to see what the COOLPIX S9700 sees, take photos and instantly share them by text message, email or uploading to your favorite social networking sites—complete with GPS coordinates! Slip the COOLPIX S9700 into a pocket and share amazing views of your adventures.

It has 30X zoom!!

Now let me show you the progression of the zoom through a series of photos

1X Zoom

Progression of S9700_zoom_015X Zoom

S9700_zoom_0210X Zoom

S9700_zoom_0315X Zoom

S9700_zoom_0420X Zoom

S9700_zoom_0525X Zoom

S9700_zoom_0630X Zoom

S9700_zoom_07Isn’t that incredible!

Built in GPS and Points of Interest : The COOLPIX S9700 records the exact location of each shot you take, so you can follow the path of your adventure and every stunning view along the way! Share your journeys on Google Maps, Google+, and other social networking sites, or with the Nikon View NX2 software. Built-in mapping and Electronic compass also help you navigate unfamiliar destinations, and Points of Interest (POI) show you nearby photo-ops like scenic lookouts and historic landmarks.
Extreme Macro Mode:
MacroTurn on Macro Mode and capture extreme close-ups of everyday subjects –  food, flowers, insects, jewelry.

HD Videos : Full HD 1080p means exceptional video quality. Record the action, then connect to an HDTV* and watch your videos come alive. A built-in mic records high-quality audio in stereo. Your videos will look and sound phenomenal.
Now COSTO has it for 340 dollars which include this

  • Nikon S9700 Camera
  • 16 GB SD Card
  • Camera Case
  • AN-CP19 Strap
  • UC-E21 USB Cable
  • EN-EL12 Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging AC Adapter EH-71P

amazon has it for 330 dollars without the extra accessories.

Happy snapping good pictures

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