Traveler Profile : Derek Earl

I would like to introduce people who have inspired me travel more. There are many such people over the course of my life, and because of internet i can now introduce them to you all.

Let’s meet Derek Earl of wandering Earl. This is what he says (and hats off for him ) – ‘On December 25th, 1999, I left the USA for a three-month, post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia. It’s now been over twelve years and that trip has yet to finish.’

As of today, Earl had traveled to 87 countries. He is back to the USA for the time being and his recent trip was to India.

He has seen an headless man on a train platform in India!!. this is what he says about his experience, “India jolts me, it shakes up my brain to the point where I must constantly think about life, I must constantly re-evaluate everything I know, or think I know, about how life is supposed to work. I am forced to process sights and situations that my mind does not normally process. And as difficult as it can be to process some of these experiences, I do believe that such a jolt is healthy. It ensures that our way of thinking does not become stale and that we think about things beyond our typical daily lives every now and then.”

This is Captain Kirk or Captain Jean-Luc Picard talking….to explore, to know. there is a Hindi word associated with it (it is actually a the meaning of many words fitted into one). It is called ‘Jignaysa’ – the strong desire to know and experience. I think travelers would certainly appreciate it.

To experience as no one has experienced before (which is always true: because you and i as individuals have our own unique psyche and personality and hence an unique experience that we can call our own- Just like our DNA).

He strongly supports traveling alone when push comes to shove. He says “You may be on your own when you board that flight to Bangkok or Mexico City, but believe me, once you arrive, you’ll NEVER actually be alone.

Happy Journeying

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