Traveler Profiles: Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond

I would like to introduce people who have inspired me travel more. There are many such people over the course of my life, and because of internet i can now introduce them to you all.

Meet Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond.

His philosophy/meta-frame of traveling in his own words

“Probably my most favorite quote of all time, “Adventure is worthwhile” can be traced back to the Greek or Ethiopian (no one knows for sure) storyteller Aesop, but it’s also attributed to Aristotle. Amelia Earhart used her own version: “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” On my recent 6 hour hike through the Virgin River’s freezing 40 degree water at Zion National Park, these wise words frequently entered my mind.”

Matthew completed three years of full time traveling this November 2013. He has been featured in.

He is funny guy. His story of how he recovered his lost Laptop is hilarious and insightful. He calls it operation ‘Gringo Revenge’, and it lasted more than three months. Please read it. It’s very entertaining and informative.

Few of the many lessons he picked up traveling are

  • Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Challenging your comfort zone is healthy.
  • Adventure is worthwhile.
  • Long-term wandering is possible at any age.
  • The world isn’t as dangerous as you think.

The following quote is his motto

“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” ~ Alan Keightley

He says that patience while traveling and not sweating the small stuff is number one thing that he learned to appreciate while traveling.

Just think about that: Time is currency for those who have full time jobs, isn’t it. A missed plane – everything goes haywire. Since we jam-packed so many things into our schedule and we don’t leave time for just strolling and ‘wasting’!

One thing after another, one activity follows another. This site to see since it is number 1 in trip advisory. this place to go in this city, since that is what my friends have done, and so on so forth. and the opposite of above quote by Alan Keightlely comes to pass: We go on living from what others have told or have recommended.

We never give ourselves the luxury of exploration. We continue to run and run in our vacations and then come back exhausted and ready to plan for the next.

We all have to decide. People like Matthew Kasrsten our just guide posts. But we have to experience it ourselves.

He has wonderful tips on staying cheap. From what i have read on many full time traveler blogs is that after air-tickets accommodations are the most expensive. So we can save a lot and travel more if we can stomach staying at hostels or home-stays.

Another issue that he takes to heart is travel insurance and the importance of it.

His gear guide is phenomenal.

Happy Journeying



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