Bugs Night Out – Exotic foods – Thailand

Word of caution: This is not for the faint hearted. You are highly advised not to eat while reading this. Vegetarians are not encouraged to read any further.

Entomophagy, refers to eating bugs by humans. There are literally 100s of Insects eaten across nations of the world. Do you remember ‘slimy yet satisfying’ !! from Lion King?? Don’t gross out please. Personally, i like to eat what the Local culture eats – Its adventurous, and more than that shows respect to the Local Cuisine and people. My policy is – if thousands are eating it for centuries, there is not point not trying it.

Thailand is no strange place either. Dishes include fried giant red ants, crickets and June beetles, Crickets, Black Scropions among others.

They are usually deep fried, more like popcorn sensations when eaten.


In Baan toom – Bats are from trees to tables – roasted over charcoals.

Insects are high in nutritional value and beat out both meat and fish in protein content and quality. They’re also rich in fiber and healthy micronutrients including copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc.

Thonglor area, Sidewalks in Kanchanaburi are good places to get started

ThaiantsThis is what Bangkok post says “Despite recent media excitement about big city restaurants in the West that highlight bug cuisine, such as San Francisco’s Don Bugito, New York’s Brooklyn Kitchen and Nice’s Michelin-starred Aphrodite, insect-eating is nothing new nor exotic in Thailand, where carts selling crispy fried grasshoppers can beĀ spotted only a few metres from a KFC”

“But what makes our bug-eating culture remarkable is that Thais have consciously preserved, passed on and developed this culinary heritage to blend in with our modern gastronomy and urban lifestyle.”

Happy Eating


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