Why travel?

Why questions are fundamental questions. They basically drive someone to ask questions behind the questions. As one digs deeper, perhaps some answer (varies from individual to individual – an answer may satisfy just one person and not satisfy, say, his friend) helps her to find closure.

Why do we want to travel? It is definitely not common, as only 36% of Americans hold passports. And a meagerly 9% have traveled abroad. 

Traveling abroad is not easy – lot of planning, fear of unknown, skepticism towards something different, tickets, foreign language, strange looking foods….i can go on and on.

But still you and i should confess that we do travel. But why? Why are we willing to dream about traveling, and then, execute our plans, despite the odds?

I think, for myself, it gives me a chance to explore, to know, to experience what other places/people/cultures offer.

It gives me a chance not to be a passive touristy consumer, but embracing and sharing what we have – our experiences, our unique places, our foods, our people.

There are other auxiliary benefits too – being more flexible, adjusting to the reality that i may miss my train or that time is a flexible fluid in may parts of the world (9:00 am meeting with friend in Indonesia may mean 10:00 am in reality).

We begin to see things differently, since different places have their own unique way of living life and looking at the world. We become more confident that we don’t have to have the latest electronic toy by seeing people around you have much less materially.

We all travel for our own reasons. Why do you travel?

Happy Journeying.

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