Writing while Traveling – tools

As someone who loves to travel and loves to write i find that combining these two into travel writing would be easy, right?

Many would say yes, but i would also say yes but with a caveat. It is simple but not easy, for the following reasons.

a) Travel involves so many variables and away from ‘normal’, that i can only take photos, i will write later after i come back.

b) It is already late coming back to hotel room/hostel/couch surfing. i do not have time.

c) It is a big hassle and sometimes dangerous (i may get robbed) to carry costly electronics (laptop etc.)

i agree with a-c, and here are some tools.

For those who say i would write later after i come back from the trip, i would say this – the only problem is that we forget details of our trips. those small sublime moment that gives any story a unique narrative ability. One way to avoid this is making notes to oneself with a Digital Voice Recorder. I have a Olympus, Very handy and convenient. For even a simpler quick and dirty solution – i use the Voice Memo from my IPhone 5s.

It is not necessary to carry any costly equipment, unless you want to keep your readers updated daily. Laptops can be left with a person you trust, or hidden somewhere in your room (not possible if its a dorm room/hostel).

Camera’s with date stamped photos along with a recorder is the easiest way to go.

But after all said and done, one has to just do it – record your experiences, write 15-20 minutes and post it!

Happy Journeying.


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