How much does one pack on international travel?

This question has been bothering me a lot lately. If i want to make a trip that would last say 2 months across Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. How much do i pack?

The question has a straightforward answer if you want to stay in star hotels and just see the regular tourist attractions (this is absolutely fine, if time pressed) for example Savoy Yangon is a great hotel. It is small and has a character to it. Or the Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort in Bangkok.

But what if, you are like me, and want to take the road less traveled, or the not-so-beaten path, or the one through villages that showcase things/people/cuisine/places not shown on TV, not wrote about in brochures features Burma or Thailand.

I confess that it’s difficulty and risky. You don’t know what to expect and where to stay. There is no internet – just your trusted camera and your wits about you.

But, that’s what a life of adventure awaits for those who dare : a chance to experience and live with people not like you, who eat things that you have never dreamt of, who have a different take on life: people who seem to enjoy life with little materially compared to you and I.

But what should i pack, if i am backpacking like this or traveling light. here is the list

1) 2 good backpacks – one 50 L one 25 L (I cannot over emphasize this: Backpack carry everything you need. 50 L for traveling on a bus, train etc. and 25 L once you get to a town, village, cultural icon and want to spend a few days there )

2) A rain Jacket and rain pant (my backpacker teachers at Sierra Club really drilled home the point of the importance of staying dry)

3) 2 pairs moisture wicking hiking shirts.

4) 2 Pair sturdy Jeans.

5) Toiletries,and basic first aid. Antihistamines, pain medication.

6) Ear- plugs (important when having that snoring neighbor in a hostel )

7) Head lamps, sunglasses, luggage locks (always get TSA approved)

8) protein bars (for those long walks) – i personally keep 4-5 for those real, real emergencies (Not a daily thing)

9) Your camera, and laptop

Please let me know If you guys/gals think anything else.

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